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About Paris American Academy


The Paris American Academy was founded by Richard Roy in 1965. During the past forty years, students and professions from thirty five nationalities have participated in either the intensive short term seminars or attended a longer four month Spring term or a three year curriculum. The strongly vocational approach prepares students for careers in Fashion, Fine Arts and Interior Design.

The Paris American Academy is registered by the Académie de Paris, as a private institution of higher learning under the 12 July 1875 jurisdiction. Centered less than a kilometer from Notre-Dame cathedral in the famous Latin quarter, the Academy draws upon Paris’ cultural and artistic heritage in making the city it’s campus.

The students

The Academy welcomes participants regardless of age, race, nationality, religion or political persuasion. Students benefit from a personalized learning environment created by a student instructor ration of one to five and small class numbers. This ensures for a flexibility of instruction, impossible at large institutions. Classes are mainly held in the Pavillon du Val de Grâce, a 17th century, historically classified building. Recently renovated, this six level edifice also serves as the Academy Art Gallery. Other studio space and administration offices are located in adjacent buildings.

The Faculty

The Paris American Academy has formed a unique teaching staff comprised of academics, skilled professionals, and invited guest artists. Thus providing students with a solid practical approach to professional requirements.