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Enrollement process

Print and complete the corresponding application form.

  • Check program dates and tuition fees on the Tuition and Dates web page.
  • Print the credit card authorization form for application fee payment.
  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
  • High School diploma or equivalent.

Please return

  • Application form duly completed, dated and signed.
  • $300 US program deposit payable with cheque in US dollars or by credit card.

Summer Workshop Applicant: Fashion

  • Mini-portfolio including 5 photos of sketches and 3 photos of garments and/or hats that you have made. (Except for Fashion Merchandising & Communication.)
  • Choose specialization:
  • Design Process
  • Couture Techniques
  • Fashion Merchandising & Communication

Summer Workshop Applicant: Fine Arts

  • 5 photos of 5 sketches (or sketches) and 3 photos of completed paintings.

Summer Workshop Applicant: Interior Design

  • 5 photos of 5 sketches (or sketches) and 3 photos of completed design works.

Summer Workshop Applicant: Creative Writing

  • Writing samples : The writing sample should be your best work in your strongest genre: either 3-5 poems, one short story (fiction or non-fiction), a 4 page treatment and opening 10 pages of screenplay, or one chapter of a novel with a brief synopsis. If published please add copy of published piece with date and name of publication attached.

Summer Workshop – application form