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The English Language Institute at Paris American Academy (ELI PAA) offers full and part-time English programs for nonnative speakers. All classes are led by highly experienced ESL teachers with graduate degrees and specialized training in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Our superior pedagogical approach integrates our intercultural knowledge to not only improve general linguistic and communicative skills in English, but also prepare students for academic studies in France and beyond.

At ELI PAA, we believe that the best path to language acquisition is to create a well-balanced teaching method that develops both the receptive and productive skills. Our interactive leaner-centered program focuses on activities that are specifically designed to improve conversation skills, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing. All classes are designed to explore interesting themes through media, group activities, role-plays, games, discussions, and presentations. Topics include pop-culture, current events, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions. Our students gain fluency and confidence in a fun and dynamic environment!

Our unique curriculum offers both variety and flexibility: it incorporates English for academic purposes (speak formally, read university-level materials, listen & write on academic topics, take timed objective tests, learn TOEFL English) as well as for business studies (business vocabulary, everyday business situations, negotiations) to meet the demands and the challenges of the 21st Century. We also offer a customized language support by providing multiple instructors with various specializations for each student. In short, our top-quality education prepares students for using English in the real world.

The intensive English programs at ELI PAA consists of 4-week sessions (20 to 80 hours) with flexible start dates. You can come for just one session or stay longer. Our multi-level program will meet your interests and needs as your English improves for academic success, career advancement, or just for everyday social and practical purposes. Upon successful completion of a session, you will receive a PAA ELI Certificate in English Language indicating the highest level achieved.

  • Admission Requirement: Must have at a minimum a beginner level of English.
  • Level: The class level will appropriately be determined based on the placement test and the number of registrants. Placement exam is administered on the first day of the program.
  • Assessment: Assessment is based on attendance, participation, test scores, and assignments.
  • Materials: All textbooks and materials are provided.
  • Schedule: Classes are held during day from Monday to Friday.

From 700€ per month !
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