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Flat Pattern / Draping


The Flat Pattern and Draping class teach the basics of industrial pattern drafting commencing with the basic skirt and bodice (‘Sloppers / ‘Gabarit de base’) and the various techniques, details, variations, and the cutting techniques used for muslins and fabrics. Study will also include different garment components i.e., collars, pockets, and lapels. An approach to various techniques for creating various sleeves, sleeve shapes, skirt bodice, skirts, pants, and ensembles.


  • Basic pattern drafting, cutting tools and terminology.
  • How to measure, basic occidental sizing.
  • Basic do’s and don’ts of pattern drafting, marking pattern, seam allowances, darts and gathers.
  • Skirt Variations; pleats and gathers, flared, ‘A’ line, gored, circle.
  • Pockets, waistband, facing, interfacing, lining.
  • Zipper closings, finishing, hems.
  • Tracing to muslin, sewing-up, corrections.
  • Final transfer to tracing paper.
  • How to choose suitable fabrics.

The objective of this course is to become familiar with and utilize the two methods when making a pattern:

The student will learn through draping how to traces ‘Lignes d’Aplomb’ on a piece of cotton and then to create a specific garment on a tailors dummy.

To make a basic pattern with specific measurements assigned which will be completed on either a tailors dummy or measurement board.


Construction of ‘sloppers / gabarit de base’.
Transformation of the basic bodies of the jacket.
Tailoring sleeves and shall collars.
Jacket with personal research.
Collars and necklines.
Special sleeves; Kimono, Raglan, Hammer.
Gradations for skirt, bodices and sleeves.
Flared skirt.
Paneled skirt.
Fantasy skirt.
Top with pleats.
Top with darts.
Blouse with sleeves and collar.
Draping for personal evening dress.
Blouse with sleeves and collar.