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What is color? Color is based on the decomposition of the sun ray by a prism. The student will learn how to use the primary colors harmoniously to create different schemes of color. The student will learn what are cold or warm colors and atmospheres. Using gouache the student will learn how to use the different possibilities of color. Students will first become familiar with the primary colors followed by secondary colors and will also explore the many aspects of color including values, tones, complementary colors and creating a color scheme.


  • Understanding and utilizing primary and secondary colors.
  • Creation of a color wheel.
  • Understanding complementary colors.
  • Understanding values and tones.
  • Using a simple pattern to explore tone on tone harmony.
  • Understanding shading.
  • Working with strong and contrasting colors.
  • Working with light colors.

A drawing is worth a thousand words! In order to communicate with others on the visual aspect of things we need to be able to express ourselves with all the different medias available in our field such as: pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache etc. Students will be expected to learn how to use these medias in an adequate composition.

Students will learn what is the approach to a composition, foreground and background. The correct balance of the space in the sheet of paper whatever the size and the vital space between objects in a composition.


  • Study of the relation between different shapes.
  • Shading objects and figures.
  • Exploring different densities in order to understand why shapes come forward or backward.
  • Exploring 3D compositions.
  • Compositions of different objects using pencil and china ink.
  • Creating place setting complete with plates, bottles, glasses and cutlery in gouache.

The foreign language program is offered on three levels.  Students are tested upon arrival and are placed in a class to commensurate to their level.


French as a Second Language:  Study oral and written communication, how to master the basics of the language and increase knowledge of France and the French-speaking world.


Mastery of oral and written skills. This class is broken into three areas:

  • Translation
  • Grammar
  • Conversation

Oral and written exercises allow the student to learn and practice at the same time.


The focus of this class is to encourage written expression, oral expression and participation in conversation.  This is done by consolidating academic basics and studying different styles and new language usages.