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Computer Aided Design


The SketchUp course is specifically designed to deliver a well rounded conceptual framework for anyone wanting to discover the power of this 3D modeling tool. From the beginner to the experienced SketchUp user – this course offers the fundamental knowledge and skills which are essential to model the students projects.

Students will learn the basics of SketchUp through lectures, demonstrations and class exercises.

Introductory AutoCAD is a basic level CAD course utilizing the universally popular CAD software, AutoCAD. This entry level course targets those with little or no previous AutoCAD experience or those with a need for substantial upgrading from previous non-Windows environment versions of AutoCAD. Participants will learn the basics of CAD geometry creation and manipulation using a variety of computer command inputs including keyboard shortcuts, toolbox icons and mouse menu selection. Geometry created will include points, lines, circles, arcs, and basic polygons. Geometry is edited or manipulated using commands such as zoom, pan, trim, extend, copy, rotate and by the use of geometry “grips”. Students will use the AutoCAD software to take an idea from concept to final product.


  • Setting model space.
  • Principal drawing tools.
  • Modify tools.
  • Blocks.
  • Guide lines.

This course is designed for the more experienced AutoCAD user who requires additional training to enhance their productivity.  It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for managing files, creating consistent drawings, and customizing AutoCAD.  This course continues to build on the concepts of the second year course.  Hands-on exercises are used throughout the course to illustrate the concepts that are taught.


  • Dynamic blocks.
  • Attributes.
  • Setting up viewpoints / presentations.
  • Hatches / text / dimensions and blocks.
  • Line type style / dimension styles and text style settings.
  • Plot / setting printers and customizing paper size.
  • CTB / STB
  • Palettes – using design center.
  • Working with X-ref.
  • Attaching and scaling images.
  • Layer manager (quick selection tools / express tools.)