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Construction and theory


Foundation Year

This course will provide the student with substantial background knowledge in construction details, techniques and methods. This includes materials most commonly used in construction. The objective of this course is to help the student make realistic decisions in the areas of the structure and finishing as well as how to analyze each different space related to our environment in order to achieve coherent living volumes.

Students will learn the basics of construction and theory through lectures, demonstrations, class exercises and various self guided off-site visits to many design centers throughout Paris.

Second & third year

“Creativity has no limits…but space is the art of limits”, starting with those of a given program, site, budget and time frame. Analyzing those limits will allow you to understand your subject and dominate it, formulate intentions and organize an original method dedicated to this project. The students will work on improving their ability to accurately answer the complexity of any given interior architectural program at every step of the design process. Thoughtful design should be the key word for this architectural studio.

Each class will start with a 1-hour lecture followed by a 2 hour project workshop. The students will preform analysis, surveys, sketches, model making, drafting, quantifying, visits, reading and any other appropriate media which would be helpful for the design strategy.

* NB Complexity of course content will depend on academic level.