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Presentation Techniques


Second & third year

This course is designed to explore presentations of one’s work in various forms as well as verbal presentation of the students work. Adopting processes that help document the students work will be stressed. Creating more powerful and expressive presentations will be the goal of this course. The ultimate goal of this course is to create a professional portfolio presentation.

Exercises will be given to promote analysis of one’s work as a basis for its presentation. Discussions to encourage the students to become more precise in their use of terms to present their ideas. Exercises include: analysis and critical discussion of various works – old and new in terms of their ideas and presentation.

The progression of this class will vary according to levels and majors. Depending on individual capacities, digital techniques may be employed such as Photoshop or Illustrator.


  • In-depth analysis of presentations and the ‘documenting of an experience’.
  • Reproductions; photographing and scanning work.
  • Documenting personal work through researching context and association either historical, contemporary or other.
  • Making visual arguments and connections to context and references.
  • Using graphic design to enhance presentations.