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Product design


Foundation year

This course will familiarize the student with research pertaining to aesthetics and concerning visual objects, which have clearly defined functions. The student will be aware that all objects and furniture have been designed for our everyday use and should therefore be a continuation of the interior design process.

Through lectures the students will approach the technical side of research including fabrication, materials and pricing. An approach to marketing will be equally undertaken as well as the different ways and possibilities of protecting a work. Students will study the different production techniques and learn about the research process.

Second & third year

The emphasis will now be placed on the aesthetic aspects of the objects, of course, but also much more on the technical and production possibilities. The aim of this course is to develop the “philosophy” of product design related towards interior design and to create objects that could be produced and eventually sold on the market.

The furniture and objects being a “whole” with it’s surroundings indoor and outdoor. Students will learn about the pioneers like Henry Dreyfuss, Raymond Levy and Roger Talon and essentially about the philosophy of product design as it relates to man. Why does beauty sell better when the same objects perform the same function? “Form follows function.” media which would be helpful for the design strategy.

* NB Complexity of course content will depend on academic level.