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Technical Drawing


Foundation year

This course will develop the students presentation and communication techniques with comprehension and ability to interpret the graphic codes, symbols and language employed in interior architecture so that they can accurately communicate design information.

Students will discover and assimilate technical drawing codes, symbols and rendering techniques through lectures, demos and class exercises. They will learn how to use different scales, measure a space, draw a floor plan and side elevations.

Project sample

This project consists of reorganizing the existing class space into a studio. In order to appreciate the notion of space in an interior the project will be to reorganize the space of the classroom into a studio. The studio will be for one person who lives and works as a freelance designer. The student will first learn how to capture as many details as possible through properly taking measurements. After gathering this information, the student will learn how to correctly reproduce this space graphically and in scale, utilizing all the industry standard graphics, the student will do this in a 1/50th format. After the space has been properly rendered the student will research different possible solutions (5-6 different ideas.) To more closely align with real life interior design firms, the student will be given constraints to work within. After selecting the best possible solution, the student will then work on creating a client proposal for the space.