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Paris American Academy: a leading art school in Paris

To study fine art in Parisis a dream for many an art student. Paris, a world centre for intellectual and creative culture, is at the forefront of the contemporary art world. Paris American Academy is thus centrally situated, both geographically and culturally speaking, making it one of the best art and design schools in Europe. It offers students and instructors alike the chance to participate personally in many current global art events, while simultaneously being on the site of manifold art collections and the movements that produced them – experiences not available unless one studies fine art in Paris. Yet it is often very difficult

for international students to gain admission into an art school in Paris. However the Academy has a strongly cosmopolitan student and staff body, and draws no boundaries to nationality, beliefs, age, or any other demographic. In addition to this it is often difficult to master the French language in order to participate in classes. It is for this reason that all of Paris American Academy’s programs are taught in English. In this way it makes English art courses in Paris a reality for many students, and of course an invaluable opportunity. So if you have dreamed of attending an art school in Paris, Paris American Academy is an ideal choice.