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Architecture university in france

In search of the best architecture university in France? Consider Paris American Academy

For students of architecture, universities in France are no doubt a thrilling prospect. As a case in point, located less than a kilometre from Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris’ famous Latin Quarter is Paris American Academy. Registered under the Académie de Paris as an institution of higher learning, it offers three-year degrees, four month spring courses, and shorter summer workshops in the built environment and the creative arts. Prospective students hoping to study interior design in Europe will, however, generally find that when it comes to interior architecture, universities in France do not offer courses in English. Fortunately Paris American Academy is an exception.

architecture university in france

Not only is Paris a pristine example of some of the world’s best architecture, universities in France also nurture a wealth of knowledge and tradition dating from the beginning of the university system itself.

Paris American Academy itself is in the Pavillon du Val de Grâce, a historic 17th century building of significant beauty. Committed to being a truly international design school in Paris, France, the Academy provides for a cosmopolitan student body by teaching all courses in English, and does so with an excellent student-to-teacher ratio of five to one. This makes the Academy one of the best architecture universities in France.
The Academy’s commitment to being a top architecture university in France has led it to establish relations with a network of colleges around the world, by which it makes the best use of its outstanding student-to-teacher ratio

architecture university in france

by regularly inviting visiting professors to teach customised courses, further enriching the experience of its students. The teaching has a vocationally oriented approach, and to maintain its ambition to be the best interior design university in Europe, many of its instructors are industry professionals, keeping the Academy’s courses on the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry. So if you dream of attending a top architecture university in France, Paris American Academy may be ideal for you.