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Art school paris

Art schools in Paris, France, progressively tailor courses to meet the needs of an ever changing professional sector

For an art school, Paris is a historically central locus of European intellectual and creative culture, while simultaneously being at the heart of the contemporary art world. As such, institutions like Paris American Academy are centrally situated, culturally speaking, in the two environmental aspects required to make them cutting edge. They are able to offer students and instructors alike the chance to participate personally in many current global art events, while simultaneously being on the site of manifold art collections and the movements that produced them. If looking for an art school, Paris holds the best art and design schools in Europe.


Yet for many students and academics the world over, the possibility of being at an art school in Paris, France, is coupled with a language barrier that is often difficult to overcome. It is for this reason that all of Paris American Academy’s programs are taught in English.

The Academy has a strongly cosmopolitan student and staff body, and draws no boundaries to nationality, race, age, or any other demographic. And to this end, it offers English art courses in Paris, an invaluable opportunity. So if you have dreamed of attending one of the art schools in Paris, France, Paris American Academy is an ideal choice. There are several long-standing and famous art schools in Paris, France, among them the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Yet, being Francophone, they engender a major difficulty for other language-speakers. English, on the other hand, is spoken in the largest number of countries


in the world, and so for those who would study art in France, art schools in Paris that are Anglophone present the lowest barrier to entry. It is this that puts Paris American Academy at a major advantage over other famous art schools in Paris. France, perhaps the most ideal country in which to study art, is now within reach.