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Fashion schools in paris

There are many legendary fashion schools in Paris, France, but only one truly welcomes international students

Fashion schools in Paris have made an indelible mark on the city’s history, and their culture has come to define a lot of its creative flair. Asa leading city in the world of fashion, it has given us haute couture, star designers, and has inherited the creative culture of the famous art schools in Paris, France, some of which have been in existence since the enlightenment. Fashion schools in Paris also perform the vital function of imparting this heritage to future generations. One such institution worthy of mention is Paris American Academy. A cosmopolitan institution less than a kilometre from Notre-Dame Cathedral in the famous Latin Quarter, Paris American Academy is markedly

different from many fashion schools in Paris, France, in that it makes it possible for international students to easily gain admission. A typical academy of fine arts in Paris like the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré or the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, only admit students after they complete two years of specific preparatory classes, and even then, admission is based on a national ranking in competitive oral and written exams. Unlike these fashion schools in Paris, France, PAA’s approach is far more open.

To begin with, unlike most fashion design schools in Paris, France, Paris American Academy’s courses are in English, the language spoken in most countries around the world. This makes it far easier for students worldwide to attend a famous art school in Europe, as it avoids a significant amount of preparation and difficulty, not only in learning French before coming, but also in struggling to understand classes taught in a new language. Secondly, the Academy values egalitarianismhighly, and takes pride in accepting students of any race, religion or age. This serves to make student life at this fashion design school in Paris, France more cosmopolitan, and all the richer for it.

The Academy is committed to its goal of being the best fashion school in France, and this is borne out in its every aspect. Its beautiful premises house students and instructors in an outstanding ratio of five to one. It gives students the opportunity to take part in major fashion events and exhibitions – an integral part of what puts it among the best Paris schools of fashion design. Its staff are the perfect blend of academics, industry professionals, guest artists and visiting professors, and its courses are tailored to match an ever-changing creative industry, making it the best fashion school in France.