Palais Galliera, the Museum of Fashion of the City of Paris, is honouring Mariano Fortuny with a retrospective of his work. The hundreds of pieces in the Galliera’s collection and from the Museo del Traje in Madrid will reveal his wide range of inspirations (Ancient Greece, the Middle East, the Renaissance, etc.) as well as his talent as an inventor known for the “Delphos”, a finely pleated unicolour silk dress that could be rolled into a ball only to spring back to shape.

Fortuny glorified each cut of fabric into a unique garment with a subtle play of light. Gazing at dresses worn by the Countess Greffulhe and her daughter Elaine, Eleonora Duse, Isadora Duncan, and more, visitors will be able to admire his skilful printing of metallic powders on silk velvet that pay homage to his Byzantine, Japanese, and Persian influences, and are interpretations of his own personal collection of ancient textiles and brocades that was praised by Marcel Proust.

The Mariano Fortuny exhibition is an invitation to appreciate the fluidity and the shimmering atmospheres of a prolific inventor who was also a strong advocate for the liberation of the body and comfort, the ultimate luxury. An immersion into timeless elegance.

(Text from : Paris Musées Official website)