Program Overview

Each year during the month of July, PAA is pleased to offer a four week intensive program in Interior Design. The interior design summer workshop grants participants the opportunity to participate in an intensive design studio, giving them a strong foundation in design technique and culminating in a final presentation of the works accomplished over the summer.

This course presents a practical and “hands-on” approach to the interior design profession. Lectures and workshops are enhanced with visits to Parisian architectural sites (both historical and contemporary), as well as to furniture and fabric stores. Students will analyse different techniques of drawing / modelling, visual representation, and presentation, and will ultimately develop their own personal design methodology and representation style.

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Course Details

Construction & Theory

This course will provide the student with substantial background knowledge in construction details and techniques, including an overview of the materials most commonly used in construction. Students will learn the basics of construction and theory through lectures, demonstrations, class exercises, and various visits to many design centers throughout Paris.

Product Design

This course will familiarize the student with research pertaining to aesthetics and to visual objects with clearly defined functions. The student will become aware that all objects and furniture have been designed for our everyday use, and are therefore a continuation of the interior design process.

Technical Drawing

This course is closely related to the construction and theory course, and will allow the student to develop presentation and communication techniques. Students will also develop their comprehension skills and their ability to interpret the graphic codes, symbols, and language employed in interior architecture, in order to accurately communicate design information. They will learn how to use different scales, measure a space, draw a floor plan and side elevations, and construct 3-D models of a given space.

Presentation Techniques

This course is designed to explore presentations of one’s work in various visual forms, as well as the verbal presentation of the student’s work. The goal of the course is to create more powerful and expressive presentations through specifying the student’s ideas and enhancing the precision of a student’s visual and verbal communication. Depending on individual capacities, digital techniques such as Photoshop or Illustrator may be employed.

Computer Aided Design

This course builds upon students’ experience with SketchUp and offers the student the opportunity to develop fundamental knowledge and skills in AutoCAD which are essential to efficiently modeling a design project. Students will learn the basics of both SketchUp and AutoCAD through lectures, demonstrations, and class exercises.


This course is the student’s introduction to completing different types of perspective drawings. The student will learn how to represent an interior in 2-D, which represents a space in 3-D. The curriculum covers both exterior and interior architectural shapes, including various lighting and shading techniques, as well as one- and two-point perspectives. The student will learn the basics of perspective using the horizon line and the vanishing points, as well as how to place objects commonly found in interior spaces, such as furniture and accessories.

Color for Interior Design

This course will develop how the student approaches color in both residential and commercial interiors. Students will learn how to create an atmosphere through mood boards, and how to use paint and fabric in interior spaces. The student will explore the use of fabric and color through practical assignments involving the pairing of armchairs, carpets, and curtains.

Art History / History of Interior Design

This course covers the history of interior design and the evolution of furniture from the ancient period until the end of the 16th century. This course will introduce students to the historical and design “revolutions” (and their legacies in both the urban and the domestic space), and will provide students with a context for understanding European history and its cultural legacy.

French as a Second Language

The FLE program (French as a second language) is divided into different of experience. Each class delves into grammar, thematic vocabulary, and practical application on both an oral and written level. Oral skills are emphasized, since the principal objective of these courses is to encourage communication in correct French.

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Summer Workshop

School fees: $4700 (USD)

Optional housing fees:

  • Shared accommodation in private furnished apartment: $2400 (USD)
  • Shared three star hotel twin room: $3600 (USD)
  • Private three star hotel single room: $6200 (USD)

Please note that supplies are not included.

Richard Roy Scholarship

Applicants who have been accepted to study at the Paris American Academy may apply for partial scholarships through the Richard Roy Scholarship Fund. These scholarships range in value from 1,000€ to 3,000€ off tuition, and from 300€ to 1300€ off housing.

Students wishing to be considered for a scholarship must submit a brief personal statement (1-2 paragraphs) along with their application. This statement should emphasize the student’s personal and educational background, demonstrating why he / she is in need of financial assistance and how a scholarship might benefit the student’s professional goals.

Fellowship Program

Returning students and alumni may have the option of participating in the summer workshop for a second time, at a reduced cost and with additional program responsibilities / work-study arrangements. Interested students should contact Peter Carman, PAA President for more information.

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