An Overview

We recently caught up with Timothy Cooke to find out how he found his experience studying abroad at PAA for the 2019 fall semester.

What is the Paris American Academy Fashion Design Program?

The PAA fashion program is a study of fashion through the lens of haute couture. It’s different from what most fashion schools in the U.S. will teach as it is a different perspective compared to the fast fashion design approach.


What was notable about the school?

The school provides a great warmth and will greet you with a soft smile. At PAA I never felt out of place. I certainly felt welcome when I was around my fellow students and teachers. It was like I was at home.


What did I learn at Paris American Academy?

I learned how to be precise with my designs. At my time at PAA I absorbed their beautiful technique and ideals. Nothing means more to the staff than exquisite fashion. Even though I am not couture based, I do use a similar method of procedure when I create a new garment. The intuition they provide has undoubtedly influenced me and to the way I approach designs. I don’t know how I would have achieved such a high level of designing without PAA’s help.


What was it like living in Paris?

The apartment PAA provided was only a 10 minute walk away from the school. I was quite thankful as some of my students who chose their own apartments had an hour commute. Inside the apartment was a single. It was small but it was enough for what I personally needed.

The city outside is very beautiful. The architecture around is centuries old and has the signature parisian aesthetic. The food available was of quality and I was quite fond of a nearby specialty shop with my favorite peach wine and cheese.


Would you recommend Paris American Academy?

I would recommend PAA with the highest tier of recommendation possible. It was easily one of my most important and maturing experiences of my life in which I will forever reminisce.

Timothy is currently a senior majoring in Fashion Design at Iowa State University. Here are some examples of his work presented in his final portfolio.